The night is still anticipating the sun. They have always known each other but could not ever encounter each other. Before you know it the water will awaken all the roots. Trees will break the nap of birds, so that they can break slumber of the world by their sweet melodious singing and chattering. Shortly the sprightly rays of light from the opposite side of the hills would oscillate and mount above the earth. The earth will radiate and shine like a disco ball. Consequently, starts the beginning of another day into life.




I wake up by the maddening sound of my alarm clock. However, I wasn’t really asleep. Unlike my other busy days, there is a mysterious blankness in today’s routine. I eat my breakfast, twirling the oatmeal inside my mouth before gulping it down. I can scarcely taste the granular pulp. For an instance, I think of heading towards the gym, but the thought fades after a moment. I sit in front of the laptop screen, in a bootless attempt to write. There is an unexplained and bizarre silence in the atmosphere and the only thing one can hear is the sound of the central heating.

I was sinking inside this sense of emptiness and I finally got up and forced myself out of this mental barrier. My personal in-house gym always had this cheerful and flamboyant environment contrary to the rest of the house. The loud music and sound of the gym equipment would charge me and fill me up with a divine euphoria. The gym is designed pragmatically using rubber flooring that is of multi-purposes. The damage resistant surface is manufactured prudently to tolerate the pressure and heavy load of the gym apparatus keeping it free from the undesired scratches. I have rarely ever encountered an accident or injury because of using gym flooring. Because the surface is non-slippery, it is safe for all sorts of exercises and workouts. A sturdy and rigid underfoot grip strengthens the muscles and reduces stress and impact on joints.



I remember I was never a morning person and I failed to understand the people who could bounce off the bed, drink up a cup of coffee and be immediately set and organised to face the challenges of the day. To me, the appeal of a warm, comfy bed far outweighed the hot morning shower. For a long time, I was the guy who would set up his alarm for 6:30, planning to go out for a run with still having time to prepare breakfast after coming back and leave for work. However, among many other well-planned ideas, this one never really came to fulfilment.

Well, now I occasionally manage to step out by breaking through all the mental barriers. I would usually indulge in some aerobic exercise or a run first thing in the morning. It gives you a perception of control, running across the walkways, passing through the houses brimming with lazy sleepers who are unaware of the joy of what you are doing.