With each step of her walk, her mind became more clear and determined. She closed her eyes while breathing in the moist air. She was walking as if she was blown by the rejuvenating breeze. Her feet made of the ground, her arms were like the tress, her swaying hair like a bunch of fresh leaves and her eyes were truly an expression of the ultramarine sky. Her inner-self felt unobstructed to depart from her body in order to dance and swirl with the souls of the fresh and vibrant plants surrounding her. While there was the earth to be protective of, her sandy feet would be in contact with the soil and her ears would be paying attention to the mumbling of the divinity that she could not physically touch but could sense. As she walked, her hair hovered in the oscillating wind waves, her clothes grasped onto her body, arms firmly enveloped around her.


The leaves were cheerfully swinging and dancing, enticing her to the glory of fantasies. The trees all around the park were embellished in the colours of autumn. The leaves were crispy and crumbly underfoot. The children were throwing leaves in the empty space, an untamed disordered spurt, a fountain of shades. The playground nearby was brimming with a multitude of puny humans playing on the swings, slides and play horses. The playground was carpeted with rubber mats as a measure of safety against injuries and bruises due to accidental falls. The mats are heavy duty and durable and provide ultimate protection against damage to and from the ground. Unlike the hard and rough concrete floors, rubber flooring provides an excellent cushioning and comfort at all times. The surface was specifically designed for areas where there is a high degree of foot traffic. The surface was squeaky clean and easy to maintain. The rubber mats were constructed with fatigue resistant features that minimised the build up of stress on joints and muscles and provided a flexible and functional playing surface.


After the refreshing and invigorating walk she made herself think about the future ahead. A future she would design, construct and manage herself. Then with each step after she felt more in control of her own mind, body and spirit. She felt like if she was striding towards her destiny, a destiny that was positioned entirely in her own hands.