The shopping mall has the architecture and design that hospitals and schools can only wish for. The roof is domed high above any other building and is designed using the most prepossessing and classic glassware. The walkways are brimming with a stream of people. There is a peaceful song playing in the background, soothing notes taking the shopper’s vigilance far way. In today’s topsy-turvy world, this place is no less than a heaven. In a world of pollution and violation it is like perfection in a bubble-wrap. The mall is overloading. There is almost every little thing here that I want and need. It has the same temperature no matter what the season is. The lighting, the scent and the varying faces. People here are consumers who vie w one another as a hurdle while they are walking around and waiting to reach the till. The beaming faces of the employees and sellers are like the fishing line to real the customers in persistently.


It smells like paradise in a hamper and the floors radiates similar to a lake’s surface on showering beams of sunlight. The floors are surfaced with beautifully designed rubber sheets. Rubber provides a firm and sturdy underfoot grip despite the glossy appearance. The hard wearing and durable material used in its construction enables the shape to be retained even under a high degree of foot traffic. The surface is design to be resilient against scratches and any other damage and is therefore longer lasting without the need of replacements and repair. The surface enables an extremely quick and convenient cleaning and maintenance. The anti-bacterial features prevent the build up of dirt, debris and bacteria. Along with all the other exception characteristics, this rubber matting enhances the attractiveness of the place, creating a sparkly, enticing and alluring environment for the customers. The surface is manufactured in a way that it retains its specific shape even when faced with a high pressure and force which is quite common under the packed and crowded environment of a shopping mall.