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Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles provide high level of comfort along with the versatile rubber qualities it possesses. Rubber flooring tiles provide a neat look to your offices and homes while acting as shock absorber, reducing the risk of slips and equally good for both wet and dry areas. These interlocking rubber tiles are easy to fix and replace. They are available for delivery all over the UK by Rubber tiles are effective in use and come in competitive prices. They are equally good to be used in indoors and outdoors. These rubber tiles are made under high pressure to retain the shape.

    Rubber Tiles

  • Acoustic Tiles Acoustic Tiles

    Acoustic tiles provide ultimate sound proofing in order to provide you with comfortable calm environment. These tiles have excellent qualities of rapid drainage and instant drying along with the fall protection. Acoustic insulation panels are made of high quality rubber in order to maximize the benefits and enhance the natural qualities of rubber. These sound proof tiles provide maximum protection against slips so can also be used in wet areas. Acoustic rubber tiles are preferably used all over the UK and provide excellent comfort. These tiles can be delivered rapidly by express rubber flooring and has no minimum order requirement.

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  • Garage Tiles And Flooring Garage Tiles And Flooring

    Garage tiles and flooring come in variety of colors and patterns to give your garage the excellent look it deserves. Garage flooring comes in both rolls and tiles as to serve your need. Garage floor covering provides protection against serious injuries by reducing the impact of falls and minimizing the risk of slips. Rubber tiles are ultimate floor protection matting because of its numerous distinctive qualities. Garage tiles and flooring is easy to handle and can be delivered rapidly all over the UK by, also they come in competitive price range with no minimum order requirement.

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  • Playground Tiles Playground Tiles

    Playground Tiles are essential in order to keep the players safe from the potential injuries caused by falling and sudden slips. The playground rubber tiles provides a fine, clean look to the ground as well as ultimate protection from injuries. The playground safety surfacing offers the extreme safety because of its high pressure resistance quality and it is very easy to handle. These playground coverings are made of high quality and high performance rubber in order to deliver the excellent results. This easily replaceable ground tiles come in competitive price ranges and is present for rapid delivery all over the UK.

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  • Rubber Floor Tiles Rubber Floor Tiles

    Rubber floor tiles are excellent flooring option for commercial and domestic areas because of extensive color range and various patterns. These anti-fall tiles can be used in wet and slippery areas because of their excellent quality to drain quickly while minimizing the risk of slips and acting as shock absorber in case of falls. Rubber tiles provide clean look to the environment. Commercial rubber flooring tiles comes in various shapes, sizes and colors in order to meet the different nature of commercial requirements. Rubber floor tiles are environmental friendly and they are made of high quality rubber. Rubber flooring is the most preferred form of flooring all over UK.

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